5 Ways to plan your day using Ink Calendar

1. Start the day with some Journaling

It should be no surprise a major use of Ink Calendar and Journal is open pages where free journaling can occur easily and naturally. A good way to prime yourself for the day is to journal about your day to get your thoughts out of your head and in front of you. Give it a try, make a new morning journal and take 10mins at the beginning of your day to write your thoughts out.

2. Get an overview of your week

Looking at your week view provides quick insight into how a week’s overall going to feel. Bogged down with appointments every 15mins? Have lots of open free time? The hectic feeling of a week can change drastically from week to week. So early on I like to take an overview of what my week is looking like. Do I have a trip the upcoming weekend? Are my evenings full? All these questions are answered at a glance in the week view.

3. Find blocks of open time and block it out

Free time is a valuable thing when there is work to be done. Frequently that time can get chopped up with meetings, but if you block out chunks of time to focus and get work done, hopefully a more productive flow can be achieved. Ink Calendar makes it easy to plan out chunks of time and keep it for focused work.

4. Write down the little things

Most of the time when looking at a calendar we leave off little things like lunch break, or when you are planning on leaving, but with Ink Calendar there is no need to make official appointments. Just writing out all the little things can help make a day or week plan feel complete and more accurate to how the day actually goes.

5. The classic to-do list

It is hard to beat the simplicity and effectiveness of a to-do list. Ink Calendar enables quick, easy, and chill to-do lists without all the strict details other apps require. Rearranging a list is super easy with a tap and drag. Since it is ink first, Ink Calendar and Journal is an open canvas to draw inspiration, sketches, or more detailed plans.

These are some of the ways I use Ink Calendar every day to be more productive, how do you use it?


Goodbye AppCenter.

I am publishing an update tonight which removes Visual Studio AppCenter. I have narrowed a persistent bug to the UWP AppCenter package, so now I must cut it out. This was done by turning off AppCenter when Ink Calendar initializes. Removing this package has an added benefit of Ink Calendar now launching faster, and hopefully crash free.

As always, feel free to reach out if you are having any type of issue, I would love to help.