Ink Calendar is the first ink focused Windows 10 calendar app. Get Ink Calendar for Windows 10 HERE for $4.99.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I connect my Google/ calendar into Ink Calendar?

– Ink Calendar connects to the calendars through the Windows 10 calendar app. Any calendar connected there will be connected to Ink Calendar.

Why can’t I see my ink on the same day but from different views shown on this view?

– This is a complicated problem which I have written about here: Merging Ink

Does Ink Calendar sync my calendar to its own servers?

– No. There are currently no Ink Calendar servers syncing, storing, or saving any of your personal ink or calendar data.

Can I change the colors of my calendar appointments?

– Colors for now can be adjusted in the Windows 10 calendar app. Changing the calendar color in the Ink Calendar settings is on the roadmap.

Can I turn off some calendars?

– Unchecking calendars in the Windows 10 calendar app will stop the from showing up in Ink Calendar.

Why does the ink get removed when I add an appointment?

– This setting can be changed to not remove ink after adding an appointment.

Can I sync my Ink data between devices?

– Maybe, but slowly. Windows 10 does sync some app data between devices, but it is slow and not the most reliable method of syncing. Check the advanced settings to turn this feature on. Microsoft may have changed the way the mange app data syncing with a recent version of Windows 10.

If a cloud syncing service is in high enough demand I can make it a priority. Please let me know if this is something you are interested in.

The app is developed by Joseph Finney. Any questions, suggestions, or comments can be sent to