Ink Calendar is the first ink focused Windows 10 calendar app. Get Ink Calendar for Windows 10 HERE

Frequently Asked Questions

Ink Calendar crashes when I try to open it, how do I fix this?

Check out this post here: App Hanging at launch? Here’s the fix

How do I sync between devices?

– Version 2.0 introduces the ability to sync ink with OneDrive! In Settings > Advanced Tab > Sign In. Then the Upload to OneDrive and Download from OneDrive buttons will appear. If this device has the ink you want then click upload, otherwise click download.

– Keep in mind the ink will not merge. The latest edited file will be kept.

– Syncing only works between Windows devices, currently there are no Android or iOS apps.

Can I connect my Google/ calendar into Ink Calendar?

– Ink Calendar connects to the calendars through the Windows 10 calendar app. Any calendar connected there will be connected to Ink Calendar.

Why can’t I see my ink on the same day but from different views shown on this view?

– This is a complicated problem which I have written about here: Merging Ink

Does Ink Calendar sync my calendar to its own servers?

– No. There are currently no Ink Calendar servers syncing, storing, or saving any of your personal ink or calendar data. All data is stored and transmitted via Microsoft Services: OneDrive for syncing ink, and AppCenter for diagnostic and error crashes.

Can I change the colors of my calendar appointments?

– Colors for now can be adjusted in the Windows 10 calendar app. Changing the calendar color in the Ink Calendar settings is on the roadmap.

Can I turn off some calendars?

– Unchecking calendars in the Windows 10 calendar app will stop the from showing up in Ink Calendar.

Why does the ink get removed when I add an appointment?

– This setting can be changed to not remove ink after adding an appointment.

The app is developed by Joseph Finney. Any questions, suggestions, or comments can be sent to