1.4 has been submitted

Version 1.4 settings

I have submitted update to the Windows Dev Center. The update should roll out in over the next few days. This update brings two external changes.

  1. Adjusted app icon
  2. Choose the first day of the week

There are many fixes and adjustments under the hood where I made improvements to the organization of my project and code efficiency. I also fixed the bug which was preventing the app from sharing the calendar.

The adjustments to the app icon was subtle and simply turned the pen and pen stroke from blue to white with a 50% transparency. Originally I had thought I would use the blue color more in the design and UI of the application, but that ended up not being the case. Since the only place the color was used was in the icon I decided to change it. Now the user’s accent color will show through and the icon should blend in with other Windows 10 icons.

One of the code improvements I made with this update was in the  calendar generation code. My first attempt at writing code to draw the calendar was bulky, length, and does not scale well. I rewrote how the app generates a calendar and this method made it easy to add the first-day-of-week setting. This setting would have been extremely painful to do with my old code. The new code made it quick and easy!

One little oddity of the first-day-of-week setting is that the ink on each day does not move. I decided this would be acceptable because there would be no good way to shift the ink around in a way that makes sense for everyone. I thought it would be easier to not move the ink and the user can shift days around if they want to. I may revisit this in the future if there is a desire for the app to cut and move the days when this setting is changed. Ideally this setting will be set once and not changed.

Part of this update involved breaking the settings and about dialogs off onto their own pages. This involved me changing the way the pages behave when those dialogs were opened. Now that the dialogs have been separated it will be easier for me to add more dialogs for features down the road.

Thanks and happy inking!!



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