Day and Year Views in 1.9

Day And Year Views

Completing the standard calendar views with a Day View and a Year View will be coming in version 1.9 of Ink Calendar. Development has been underway for awhile to bring these two new views in the best way possible. Not only simple views but also the ability to customize them to your liking.

Day view is a simple rectangle with a grid dots over the canvas. From the settings choose the shape/layout of the canvas. Keep in mind that changing the view does require an app restart and does not move the ink.

Year view makes it easy to get an overview of your year. Highlight vacations, paydays, holidays, or whatever you want. The ability to ink on a year calendar makes planning easy, intuitive, and meaningful.

Switching between the different views all happens from the menu next to the zoom button. From the drop down pick which view you want to see. I would love to add some sort of gestures for zooming and switching between views but that is not being worked on yet.

Making Ink Calendar look good and work well on Mobile has always been on my mind. I plan to rework the mobile UX to be easier and faster to use. As the app gets more and more complex I understand the importance of keeping the experience usable.

There are so many things I want to do with Ink Calendar, and I cannot work on everything at once so please let me know what the top features you would like to see are. I’ll do my best to prioritize and deliver as much as fast as I can.

Also reviews are a big help! If you have any feedback please let me know! I respond to every piece of feedback. Twitter @TheJoeFin, email, website Contact, or even the Windows 10 Feedback app:

Thanks for using Ink Calendar!


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