History, Calendar Fill, Month Ink Mixing in .24

The latest version of Ink Calendar is out and it is packed with new features, bug fixes, and very little else! Customize the fill of your calendars with the color of your choice. A new history pane now lists the most recent views which have been visited. Finally a new beta setting enables month ink to mix from previous and upcoming months.

Ink Calendar is all about customization! In this theme 1.24 brings the ability to change the background fill however you choose. Adjust the transparency, color, and it’s intensity to get a background fill which looks perfect! Also there is now a preview which shows you what your options will look like as you pick them.

Sometimes when I’m using Ink Calendar I find myself switching between a few different views frequently. The previous view button is nice, but sometimes I want to see where I’ve been so I can get back to it. Now a button next to the view change button shows a pane of recent history! This pane will continue to evolve into the home for a few new features which I’m personally very excited for!

I had a user leave a review where they requested the ability to show the previous month’s ink where the days overlap. This is a natural way to get a heads up when the days are show, why not also show the ink? Well now there’s an options to see the previous and upcoming month’s ink overlain onto the current month. This ties the different months together and gives continuity in the ink.

Finally I have improved the stability of Ink Calendar in a few different ways. The addition of AppCenter crash data has opened a window into the crash reports; what is causing crashes and where. hopefully Ink Calendar 1.24 is more stable than ever before. There are still a few bugs which I’m taking care of but they are within my sights!

As always, thanks for using Ink Calendar and I do hope you send me an email at support [at] inkcalendar [dot] com to let me know how you use Ink Calendar and how it could work better for you!


5 thoughts on “History, Calendar Fill, Month Ink Mixing in .24

  1. Hey Joe, Great looking app.

    Just have a quick question for you, does your app sync with Cortana or will there be some sort of integration in the future?

    Thanks in advance.


  2. Hey Joe,

    Thanks for the reply.

    What I meant by Cortana integration is the ability to add the Cortana reminders feature instead of the outlook feature. For example, the Sticky notes app uses this reminder feature as the default reminder and I would like to see this same feature brought to your app as well. I feel like it is a more responsive reminder feature then the outlook one. (Just my 2 cents).

    On another note, could you please explain whether or not I am able to see an entry from one calendar view on another calendar view. Is this not a feature on your app? For example, when I write an entry on the day view and switch over to the week view, I don’t see the entry I just wrote. Why would it not carry over from one view to another view?

    On a last note, would you be able to add a feature that highlights the current date on the week view just like it does on the day or month view.

    Thanks in advance.


    1. I will look into adding the ink to a Cortana reminder instead of a calendar appointment. If the API is available it shouldn’t be too much to add that ability.

      As for why the ink does not show up between views. That was an intentional design decision. The purpose of different views is because some days have more information and need more space to write or plan. If all of the ink from the four different views was constantly merged every day would get messy. There may be a way to peak to other views’ ink but right now that is not how Ink Calendar works.


  3. Thanks Joe. Hope you are able to add the Cortana reminder feature soon.

    Regarding your previous reply with the different views, thanks for the response I understand why it’s not a feature now. I would like to add though about possibly adding a swipe up and swipe down feature that would make it easier to move from one view to another view. I appreciate the shortcut key, but this feature would make things easier to view the different calendar entries.

    Just saw your update and I can’t wait to try it out. Keep up the good work.

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