Finally, Custom Views

From the first prototypes of Ink Calendar over two years ago I have wanted to add the ability to create arbitrary views representing specific projects or seasons. Now that time has come with version 1.25 of Ink Calendar.

Why use Custom Views?

Planning long term projects is never easy. Looking forward and plotting out when and how to get work done seems like it should be easy. Hopefully with Custom Views Ink Calendar can become a tool which makes long term planning easy and pain free.

At work I have a few long term projects which span several months. Being able to start a new view dedicated to this project enables me to see where I am and where I need to go. Not flipping through months but one unified view for everything.

Planning for a marathon? Planning travel schedules? Use a Custom View to see the schedule. Keep it as organized as you need. Be flexible and ink the way which feels natural.

How to use Custom Views

  1. Click the “All Views” button which opens a pane on the right side of the app
  2. Switch to the “Custom” section of the pane
  3. Click “+New Custom View” at the bottom of the pane
  4. Set all of the details as you want them and click “Done”
  5. Now the view you created will open and now be visible in the All Views Pane

This is the beginning of this feature and I plan to add more details and features to custom views over the coming weeks and months. Please let me know what you are most interested in seeing what is not working.


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