Drag and drop images, Ink to text, and more!

Work has been underway for a few weeks now on the next update to Ink Calendar and Journal. Two new features are working and a going to be great! One is an easier way to get images on to your calendars, and the other is a way to be more productive by converting your handwritten ink to text.

Adding images to Ink Calendar has been an option for a while but it required a few taps. Now you can drag and drop one or more images from File Explorer right onto your calendars and they will drop on! It is a fun and easy way to make your calendars even more personalized!

Dragging and dropping 3 images onto the Day View

While I have been using Ink Calendar I have wanted the app to be more productive when it comes to meeting notes. The first step in this process is making it possible to copy Ink as text, then use that text elsewhere. Copying meeting notes from Ink Calendar and pasting them into the body of an email or into a Word doc makes it so much easier to take advantage of the handwritten notes.

In addition to new features I am always working to make Ink Calendar less buggy and more stable. Hopefully this release makes good progress on that front!

As always, thank you for using Ink Calendar and always feel free to reach out with questions, concerns, or comments.


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